How much does snow weigh? It depends on how much water is in it. 
How to Monitor
Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) is a common snow pack measurement. It is the amount of water contained within the snow pack, and measured by melting a sample.  Fresh snow contains no more than 15% water, and the rest is trapped air spaces. Therefore, this measurement can change quickly with increased water content. Deflection is the preferred way to measure the weight of snow.
  • Deflection Monitoring is considered the "reference standard" by experts when observing roof loads
  • More accurate than inferential sampling techniques
  • DMD sensors are mounted under the roof deck - protected from elements
  • Sensors supervised 24/7 by central control panel - automatic REALTIME e-mail notifications
The Deflection Monitoring Advantage

DMD-IP roof alarm systems by SRS provide REAL-TIME alerts when snow removal is needed.


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The secret to keeping yourself free from shoveling roofs throughout the entire winter is turning to Safe Roof Systems for specialized roof systems. It is important to closely monitor the amount of snow building up on your roof. Whether you are a home or business owner, your structure will be safer if you know how much snow is building up and when to safely mitigate the problem. If you are concerned snow load on your roof can lead to to collapse of the structure, we are the name to call.

Industry trends

A leading property insurer issues new guidance on Roof Snow Loading

Updates from ASCE have increased roof LIVE LOAD requirments.

New guidance represents increased awareness of:

  • Increased roof loads caused by Rain over snow weather events
  • Drifting conditions
  • Effects of adjacent structures